Tactical medical material for crisis situations from manufacturers such as North American RescueTactical Medical Solutions or PerSys Medical. In the Medic category you will find various bandages for stopping major external bleeding, wound packing, treatment of abdominal injuries, or treatment of amputations.

Two of well-know certified trourniquets are available on our page: SOF Tourniquet approved by the US Department of Defense and CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet), which has become the official tourniquet of the US Army. No less important are the Israeli bandages, which are considered the most effective bandages for stopping external bleeding. “Most people who are injured, they don’t die from the injury itself—they die from the bleeding.” (Ofer Molad - President, PerSys Medical). That's why stopping the bleeding is so important.

The IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) should contain a tourniquet, a bandage for stopping bleeding, a chest seal for treating chest injuries, scissors for quick removal of clothing, a hypothermia prevention blanket, rubber gloves or a decompression needle and an Airway FR28.

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