Cold Weather Insulation

Men's tactical insulated jackets, trousers and gloves made of thermal, wind and water resistant materials.

Most of Carinthia clothing are based on G-LOFT material, which is warm, light and breathable. Due to the “memory effect”, the G-LOFT fibre always returns to its uniquely warming and fluffy original shape. The most popular models of winter jackets from Carinthia are MIG 4.0 and hybrid jacket ISG 2.0.

Similar insulating properties can be found in the Svalbard or Siberia jacket from Tilak Military Gear. Siberia has the highest insulation properties out of jackets that we stock. Tilak jackets are insulated with Climashield Apex material and GORE-TEX Infinium membrane ensures water and wind resistance. If you are looking for the high-end products take a look at jackets from Arcteryx Leaf.

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