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Blizzard Transport Green

Reflective Thermal Transport Litter with Optional Active Heating

The Blizzard Transport with Blizzard Trauma Blanket is designed to treat hypothermia in trauma patients that require immediate assistance in evacuation. The Blizzard Trauma Blanket provides thermal insulation and prevents heat loss in the trauma patient in cases of hemorrhage, burns, inclement weather exposure and immersion in water. The Reflexcell material’s cellular network traps warm air, the metalized surface reflects heat back to patient, and the hem cinch-cord prevents heat from escaping.

The Blizzard Transport comes with either the 3-layer Blizzard Trauma Blanket. This unique combination of the 8-handle stretcher and Blizzard Trauma Blanket makes Blizzard Transport the ideal choice for evacuating trauma patients.

This 3-in-1 hypothermia litter is an ideal component for any kit or vehicle for quick patient evacuation and hypothermia treatment.

The Blizzard blanket, which utilizes ReflexcellTM technology, provides head to foot coverage and “hugs” the patient, keeping warmth at the body’s core. Compact packaging allows the entire unit to be packed into virtually any kit.

Trusted Blizzard ReflexcellTM technology

  • Optional heat pads for patient warmth
  • Prevents and treats hypothermia
  • Compact size and packaging
  • Eight easy-grip carry handles

Evacuation Platform + Treatment Device
The Blizzard Transport is a 3-in-1 device that addresses evacuation, containment, and warmth in a single compact package.
The disposable litter base facilitates a 2 to 4 person carry, and can be used with or without litter poles. The optional heat pads can be placed anywhere along the patient’s core or saved for later use.


  • 8-handle stretcher
  • Blizzard 3-layer Trauma blanket attached
  • Reflexcell material
  • TOG 7 warmth
  • Front access
  • Hook & loop closure
  • Hem cinch-cord
  • Vacuum pack
  • Robust disposable litter holds up to 600lbs
  • Trusted Blizzard Blanket for heat retention
  • Fast-acting heat pads for warmth generation
  • Reduces equipment load
  • Easy access and low profile evacuation solution
  • Easy access and low profile hypothermia treatment
  • Easy deployment for untrained personnel
  • Full size blanket accommodates all patients
  • Single patient placement to address both hypothermia and evacuation
  • Litter accommodates a 2 to 4 person carry

Packed Size: 9.5” L x 9.5“ W x 2.5” H / 24 cm x 24 cm x 6.4 cm
Blanket Size: 7.7 ft L x 7.85 ft W / 234.
7 cm x 239.3 cm
Litter Size: 6.3 ft L x 2 ft W / 192 cm x 6
1 cm

Litter + Blanket Weight: 2 lbs / 830 g
Heat Pad Weight: 11oz / 31
2 g
Heat Pad Size: 9.5” L x 4.5” W x .25” H / 24 cm x 11.
5 cm x 0.7 cm

Manufacturer: Blizzard, UK

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