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Beacon Chest Seal Vented Chest Seal Kit Size

Beacon chest seal for the treatment of chest injuries, which is folded into small dimensions for wearing in IFAK or EDC Kit.

Beacon Chest Seal is a patch for the treatment of chest injuries in crisis situations. The pack contains one chest seal !

The Chest seal is intended for the treatment of open chest injuries - Pneumothorax.

The adhesive hydrogel is often strong to adhere to skin that is contaminated with blood, then, hair, sand or water.


  • Sterile / Latex free
  • Suitable for the treatment of entry and exit wounds in the thorax
  • 4 notches for house opening
  • Large 6 inch round shape for optimal coverage area
  • Effective at extreme temperatures and cold
  • Large release flap for easy use and removal
  • Transparent pad for easy placement on the wound
  • Lightweight, puncture-resistant packaging
  • It easily adapts and adheres to all surface bodies
  • The function and integrity of the chest is maintained when folded or rolled

Diameter: 15.2 cm (Unpacked)

Manufacturer: Beacon, USA

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