Cobra Pro Style 9kN 38mm

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AustriAlpin buckle COBRA PRO STYLE 9kN 38mm

The COBRA PRO STYLE is a buckle that meets the highest safety requirements for its users, as it can only be opened when released by pressing both clips at the same time. The locking mechanism thereby allows easy engagement of the interlocking components, which is confirmed by a distinct clicking sound. One-sided locking is nearly impossible.

With the FY38KVV version, there is no need to sew the belt and it can be passed through both sides of the Cobra buckle.

The locking mechanism of the COBRA PRO STYLE is an evolution of the COBRA THE ORIGINAL which guarantees an even safer application. In addition, a larger cut-out on the backside of the COBRA PRO STYLE prevents dirt, dust, ice or snow from getting caught in the buckle, which increases its performance capabilities and lifetime even more.

All COBRA PRO STYLE sizes are mutually compatible. In combination with a fitting webbing, the minimum guaranteed load capacity is 18 kN in loop configuration.


Type of buckle: Cobra PRO STYLE 9kN
Buckle coating: KTL Coating (Standard)
Tape slot width: 38mm
Buckle strength: 9kN
Assembly type: Fix-Adjustable
Acceptable tape thickness: Standard
Ears in bucke: Standard

The dimension of the tape gap: 38mm


Width: 50mm
Height: 63mm
Thickness: 10mm
Weight: 67g

Width: 51mm
Height: 72mm
Thickness: 10mm
Weight: 79g


Body: aluminum 7075
Ears: brass
Ear pins, clamping beam: stainless steel
Buckle strength: 9kN
The strength of the belt with the buckle is a 18kN and depends on the strength of the webbing and sewing.
Standards: EN358: 2018-11 (partial), EN ISO 9227

NOTE: Buckles are tools and are shipped from the factory in a multipack. There may be slight some minimal scratches or bumps on coatings.

NOTE: Buckles with the most durable coatings anodized BLACK MATT and HARDCOATED GRAY coating are produced in separate processes, it happens that the coatings of the male and female halves have a different shade, sometimes the differences are visible to the first view. THIS DOES NOT ALLOW TO RETURN BUCKLE OR FOR COMPLAINT. If aesthetics is the most important for you, we suggest choosing painted buckles, with HPC coating or black KTL (with golden ears).

Manufacturer: AustriaAlpin, Austria

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