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(Price is per bag without medical material)

Individual first aid kit, designed for the treatment of trauma injuries in crisis conditions.

The Trauma Kit consists of two parts. The outer part is attached to the Molle binding (combat belt, plate carrier, backpack ...) and a separate inner insert - Insert, in which the medical material is stored.

BTG IFAK is characterized by a low profile (thickness) and when placed on the back of the combat belt does not restrict mobility, does not interfere with sitting, use with a plate carrier or backpack.

On the outside of the IFAK, there is a case for the tourniquet, which minimizes the time to pull it out. At the same time, the solid elastic material prevents its loss.

The inner liner with medical material holds the inside of the Molle case thanks to the tightening of the elastic material. Additionally, it can be secured with Velcro, which is on the inside of the Molle case.

The insert can be quickly pulled out with both the right and left hand, using straps made of paracord reinforced with a tube. Their length is adjustable. Opens with Velcro. Medical material is clearly stored and quickly accessible.

He holds everything after the kick and after pulling it out of the Molle case, you can throw it to the injured person, store it or hang it where it suits you. Medical supplies do not roll on the ground and the case can be resealed immediately.

The medic material (fill) have to be purchased separately.

The insert is also designed for separate use, for example when stored inside a backpack. Its back side is covered with Velcro (hook / hook side) and it can be attached to any surface from the "loop" side of Velcro. The loose piece of velcro is supplied in the package and you can stick it where you want the IFAK attached (dashboard, door, table, etc.).

From the outside of the Molle package is a velcro panel with a cross in which it is possible to change different color panels as the situation requires. The package comes with a red and gray color panel.

Dimensions: 17x12x4 cm (with standard filling)
Material: Cordura

Design: Battle Tested, Slovakia
Manufacturer: Neptune Spear, Poland

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