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BTG Foodpack Kit

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BTG Foodpack Kit

Kit of 5 freeze-dried meals from Tactical Foodpack together with accessories for the fastest and easiest preparation packed in a mesh bag.

The bag has two velcro straps on one side and is only about 8 cm thick even after filling, which is why this set is ideal for carrying in a backpack.


  • Curry Chicken and Rice 100g
  • Chicken and Noodles 115g
  • Beef Spaghetti Bolognese 115g
  • Buckwheat Pot and Turkey 110g
  • Pasta and Vegetables 110g
  • Heater Bag with element
  • Tactical Fire Pot
  • Heater element
  • OD Spork Wildo
  • Mesh Bag Large
Energy value
Curry Chicken and Rice 100g 2108 kJ 500 kcal
Chicken and Noodles 115g 2300 kJ 550 kcal
Beef Spaghetti Bolognese 115g 2269 kJ 542 kcal
Buckwheat Pot and Turkey 110g 2225 kJ 531 kcal
Pasta and Vegetables 110g 2146 kJ 513 kcal
Total 11048 kJ 2636 kcal

Dimensions: approx. 33x25x8

Tactical Foodpack is freeze-dried food suitable for camping, hiking and outdoor activities.

The advantage of freeze-dried food is that it does not lose vitamins and nutritional values during the preservation process, and after preparation it tastes like freshly cooked food.

Freeze-dried foods contain no water and are extremely light in weight and volume. They have therefore become a frequently used food source in expedition mountaineering, where low weight is a priority.

It is very easy to prepare and can be consumed straight from the package. It is therefore an excellent source of food in crisis situations.

Warm and really tasty food in crisis situations has a significant effect on a person's psyche, which is another added value of the Tactical Foodpack compared to ordinary emergency food rations.

Curry Chicken and Rice 100g

Energy per serving: 2108 kJ / 500 kcal

  • Gluten Free

Rice (40%), chicken breast fillet (17%), cream, chicken broth, rapeseed oil, tomatoes, red pepper, curry paste, herbs, spices, salt. May contain traces of  celery and mustard.

Chicken and Noodles 115g

Energy per serving: 2300 kJ / 550 kcal


Noodles (45%) (wheat, water, curcuma), chicken (15%), carrots, cream, coconut milk, mung bean sprouts, red pepper, snow peas, leek, peas, mushrooms, parsley, salt, spices. May contain traces of  celery and mustard.

Beef Spaghetti Bolognese 115g

Energy per serving: 2269 kJ / 542 kcal

  • Lactose free


Spaghetti (41%) (wheat, water, curcuma), chopped tomatoes, minced beef (13%), onions, celery, rapeseed Oil, spices, garlic, salt. May contain traces of milk and mustard.

Buckwheat Pot and Turkey 110g

Energy per serving: 2225 kJ / 531 kcal

  • Gluten free

Buckwheat (47%), cream, turkey thigh (10%), carrots, onions, red pepper, corn, rapeseed oil, garlic, spices, herbs, salt. May contain traces of  celery and mustard

Pasta and Vegetables 110g

Energy per serving: 2146 kJ / 513 kcal

  • Vegetarian

Pasta (42%)(wheat, water, curcuma), red pepper (11%), carrots (11%), onions (7,3%), beans (7,3%), tomatoes (7,3%), cream cheese, cream, garlic, olives (4,4%), basil, parsley, salt, spices. May contain traces of celery and mustard.


  1. Take the heater pad out of the big package.
  2. Remove the heater pad from the small plastic bag and place it back on the bottom of the package.
  3. Place the Tactical Foodpack dish in the package, with the bottom against the heater pad.
  4. Pour approximately 150 ml of water (until the marked line) into the package.
  5. Quickly close the grip of the package.
  6. The heater responds within 30 seconds to 3 minutes – the colder the water, the longer the response time.
  7. Leave the food for 15-20 minutes, we recommend to mix the food once after 10 minutes.

How to use Heater Bag with element for preparing Tactical Foodpack meal - Video instructions.

The package can be reused (minimum 10 times), just change the heater pad.

Heater Element heats up to 400 grams of food and maintains the temperature for approximately 25 minutes. It can also be used to prepare two Tactical Foodpack meals, it must be placed in the Heater Bag between two FoodPacks.


  • Add the required amount of cold water into the foodpack and stir.
  • Remove the fire pot lid, place the fire pot on a heatproof base, ignite the lighter gel using a match or a lighter.
  • Fold the bottom of the Tactical Foodpack to make it flat, and place it above the fire pot. We recommend to use 2 cups, 2 stones or other, which is higher than fire pot.
  • Keep the foodpack above the fire until boiling, then remove the foodpack from the flame, seal the grip, and leave the food stand for the time shown on the package.
  • Cover the flame with the lid, do not blow!

How to use Fire Pot - Video instructions.


  1. Open the package.
  2. Remove the oxygen absorber from the package before adding the water.
  3. Add 300 ml of hot water (70-100 °C).
  4. Stir.
  5. Close bag using a ziplock and let the meal rest as long as written on package.

Manufacturer: Tactical Foodpack, Estonia

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