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BTG Bug Out Bag

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BTG Bug Out Bag

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Bug out Bag is a set of basic tools in a 10 l dry bag for survival in a crisis situation. The set contains basic medical equipment, food and accessories for its preparation, light and many other tools that may be necessary in crisis or evacuation situation.

Drybag keeps your gear dry in different conditions. Trilaminated PVC fabric for good durability and abrasion resistance. D-rings on both sides of the roll cap as additional fastening.


Shelter / Fire
Firesteel Set
Mk.II Storm Pocket Lighter
Blizzard IFAK Blanket
2x Norse Rescue Trauma Bandage
2x Emergency blanket
Compressed gauze Z-Fold
Nitril gloves
Fred headlamp
4x Chemlight
2x Chemlight mini
Food / Water
2x Rice and Pork 115g
2x Pasta and Vegetables 110g
2x Curry Chicken and Rice 100g
2x Rice and Veggies 100g
2x Beef Jerky 40g
Tactical Fire Pot
25x Purification Tables
OD Spork Wildo
Drybag 10 l
Morakniv Basic 511 knife
Micro Cord 38 m
2x Electric Tape
Baby Wipes
All-Weather Notebook
Permanent Marker

Shelter / Fire

Firesteel set with a box
Set for making a fire.

Set consists of:

  • Small flint with scraper and cord
  • 2 fuel pellets
  • Cotton wool
  • Metal box

Blizzard IFAK Blanket
The Blizzard IFAK Blanket from PerSys Medical is a lightweight, pocket-sized emergency blanket

  • Windproof, waterproof blanket that uses Reflexcell Technology to insulate and protect you against hypothermia or shock
  • Metallized inner layer reflects body heat back toward user
  • Vacuum-sealed in compact form for easy carry or storage

Water resistant box for matches with small flint on the bottom. Ideal also for storing the money. 


Norse Rescue Trauma Bandage
The Norse Rescue Trauma Bandage is a multifunctional hemorrhage control solution. With a wide variety of applications and FDA approval as a non-pneumatic to Tourniquet

Emergency blanket
Norse Rescue Foil Emergency Blanket provides compact emergency protection in all weather conditions. It retains/reflect 90% of the body heat and assists in body heat retention in emergency situations.

Compressed gauze Z-Fold
Wound packing cotton Compressed Gauze. It is Z-folded to allow for fast, easy, and clean extraction from the protective packaging while packing into a wound. The dressing is sterile, lint free, and is vacuum-sealed

Nitril gloves
Protective disposable nitrile gloves do not contain latex proteins. The advantage is strength, high tear resistance, the gloves are very thin and therefore offer maximum tactile sensitivity.


Fred from Princeton Tec is a small and light tactical headlamp. Fred offers 200 lumens of white light as well as a red LED light. The Fred headlamp has 4 lighting modes.

Fred Leds: 1x Maxbright LED a Ultrabright LEDs. More about Fred headlamp here: čelovka Fred.

Chemlight/Chemlight mini
Chemlight is a light stick suitable for marking objects. The light is activated by bending/breaking and shaking. The light is suitable for marking objects or people on the battlefield, for marking the route, etc. It shines for 8-12 hours.

  • 4x Chemlight 15 cm (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green)
  • 2x Chemlight Mini 4 cm pack - 10 pcs in pack (Red, Green)

Food / Water

Tactical Foodpack

  • 2x Rice and Pork 115g
  • 2x Pasta and Vegetables 110g
  • 2x Curry Chicken and Rice 100g
  • 2x Rice and Veggies 100g
  • 2x Beef Jerky 40g

The total energy value of 10 meals in the Bug Out Bag is 17825 kJ/ 4334 kcal.

Tactical Foodpack is freeze-dried food. The advantage of freeze-dried food is that it does not lose vitamins and nutritional values during the preservation process, and after preparation it tastes like freshly cooked food.

Instructions for use:

  1. Open the package.
  2. Remove the oxygen absorber from the package before adding the water.
  3. Add 300 ml of hot water (70-100 °C).
  4. Stir.
  5. Close the package and wait 9 minutes.

Tactical Fire Pot
Firepot is an innovative fire gel, which is ideal for making a small flame for heating up to 10 Tactical Foodpack meals. Based on bioethanol. The gel doesn’t create ash, smoke and disturbing odor. The product is weatherproof and reusable!

Read more about Fite Pot here: Tactical Fire Pot

Purification Tables Micropur
25x Micropur Forte MF1 tablets for water purification that clear and conserve drinking water for up to 6 month. Micropur Forte eliminates bacteria and viruses in 30 minutes, amoebas and giardia in 120 minutes.

Micropur Forte uses the technology of active chlorine and silver ions. It removes germs, odors and algae from the water. Eliminates the risk of infections.

OD Spork Wildo
A spork with a good and comfortable grip. Knife, fork and spoon at the same end. Made of high quality and BPA-free plastic


Drybag 10 l
A waterproof 10 liter Drybag that will keep your gear dry in various conditions. Trilaminated PVC fabric for good durability and abrasion resistance. D-rings on both sides of the roll cap as additional fastening.

Morakniv Basic 511
Adaptable and very sharp Swedish knife Morakniv BASIC 511 of the highest quality with a carbon steel blade that keeps its sharpness longer. The ergonomically shaped rounded handle is made of a combination of durable plastic and soft gripp, slip-resistant rubber. The plastic case is dark gray in color, it is easy to wash, the hole in the tip of the case facilitates drainage. It has a plastic belt clip.

Micro Cord 38 m
Micro Cord 125ft/38m is a durable, approximately 38 meters long survival cord with a tensile strength of 46 kg (100 lbs) and 1.18 mm in diameter.

Electric Tape
Electrical insulation waterproof tape ELECTRIX with dimensions: 0,13 mm x 15mm x 10 m.

All-Weather Notebook
Waterproof Message Book notebook. You can write in the notebook even in the rain. The notebook has 48 pages and dimensions: 10 x 15 cm. Along with the notebook in the BTG Bug out bag set, you will also find a pencil and a permanent marker.

Baby wipes
Cleanic refreshing wet wipes for hands and body with an antibacterial component.

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