Scout Compass Mk2

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Scout Compass Mk2

These days we trust way too much in the modern technology. We all have a gps in our phone, in our car etc. But what if all of them fail? What if you run out of batteries? There is a piece of navigation equipment that will never "run out of juice" - the map and a compass.

This is why we've developed the Scout Compass Mk2 which is our approach to the universal map compass. The compass is filled with liquid for enhanced reliability. To provide best navigation capabilities the compass is equipped with rotating bezel with angle scale, centimeter and inch rulers and 4 map scales - 1:25000, 1:24000, 1:62500 and 1:50000. The compass is also equipped with cord for hanging to avoid loosing it.


  • Universal map compass
  • Rotating bezel, with angle scale
  • Filled with liquid
  • 4 scales 1:25000, 1:24000, 1:62500, 1:50000
  • Cm and inch rulers
  • Cord for hanging
  • Phosphorescent parts
  • Compass accuracy: +/- 3 degrees

Weight: 50 g
Dimensions: 1 x 11 x 6 cm
Material: Acrylic / ABS

Manufacturer: Helikon-Tex, Poland

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