Micro Cord 38 m

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Micro Cord 125ft/38m

Micro Cord 125ft/38m is a durable, approximately 38 meters long survival cord with a tensile strength of 46 kg (100 lbs) and 1.18 mm in diameter.

It will be perfect for work requiring precision, but it can also be used as an improvised fishing line or to make handles for primitive tools.

Thanks to a reusable plastic spool its easy to use no matter the conditions.Thanks to the materials used, it is resistant to rust, mildew and UV. It wont lose its color even during long-term use.

Rope Diameter: 1,18 mm
Tensile Strength: 100 lbs / 46 kg

Dimensions: 1.18mm X 37.5m
Weight: 50 g
Material: 100% Nylon

Manufacturer: Paracord, USA

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