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CPC ROC GEN4 (25x30/M-L)

Templars Gear plate carrier CPC ROC GEN4 allows to carry MOLLE compatible equipment on outer surface and 25x30cm hard ballistic inserts with a back liner, in front and back internal pockets.

The plate carrier cover is cut from a single sheet of laminate, then spatially formed with the minimum amount of stitching. As a result, the PC fits perfectly user's body and structural durability is improved.

ROC buckles allow for quick release of plate carrier in medical condition or just for convenience.
Rock buckles on shoulders can be removed and swapped for 40mm brackets that comes with PC, or just moved to the back.

Buckles can be removed so you can mount your favorite placard. Slits for buckle can fit g-hooks as well.

For standard set comes plate bags (front/back), shoulder pads and skeletor cummerbund (front plate bag is fully molle compatible, therefore TG-CPC Standard Front Panel is not included). Harness and cummerbund are adjustable, mounted on Rapid Open Connector buckles.

Thanks to the laser cutting technology, the weight of the laminate was noticeably reduced and the camouflage integrity of the vest was maintained.

Front panel is modular and changeable. Back panel allows to install dedicated zip-on panels.

Plate carrier CPC ROC is made of Cordura 500D and a durable Cordura 500D-based laminate. Both fabrics are IRR treated.

Universal Cummerbund fits Medium-Large sizes.

Manufacturer: Templars Gear, Poland

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