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3x1 AR/AK Shingle Panel GEN3

Shingle panel Gen3 for all TG-CPC plate carriers allows you to carry 3 vz.58, or AK47 magazines and MOLLE compatible equipment on the outer surface.

Panel can be quickly exchanged, which allows rapid, in-the-field load re-configuration. This allows for a quick change from low profile (hidden wear) to high profile use, depending on the situation changes and threat.

You also have the opportunity to have several platforms ready for different weapon systems and functions. The replacement of the platform is immediate and you do not have to have several plate carriers ready.

The panel is fastened with SQM clips and fixed with Velcro all over the inside.

There are loops on the sides of the platform, which in combination with the straps from Templars Gear will create a simple Micro-chest rig.

Pouches are open secured with a bungee cord, this is a compromise between the speed of removal of the magazine and the safety of its storage.

It can be used as a micro chest rig with dedicated harness.
Product made of durable Cordura 500D-based laminate, IRR treated.

They are especially suitable for situations where the speed of overcharging is important, for example in operations in built-up areas.

The pouches are designed for only one magazine, they do not create a large profile and allow comfortable shooting while lying.


  • Low profile
  • Quick removal and loading of the tray
  • Bungee rubber band to download the tray
  • Thanks to the bungee cord, it can be adapted to various magazines
  • Low weight
  • IRR treated
  • Fast platform deployment / deployment
  • Possibility to have different platforms ready for different weapons
  • More economical than using separate pouches

Material: Cordura 500D
Manufacturer: Templars Gear, Poland

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