ROC Elastic Cummerbund

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ROC Elastic Cummerbund

Elastic Cummerbund with Pouches for TPC, CPC ROC, CPC ST and similar plate carriers. Available in M and L sizes.

Light, comfortable and easy to fit, velcro mounted (front panel with ROC buckles and velcro).

Elastic Cummerbund with Pouches are universally usable Elastic sides for all plate carriers with Velcro panel on the front and back.

The ROC quick release system allows extremely fast release, for example when providing first aid and quietly fitting / unloading the carrier.

Another advantage of the ROC system is its quiet attach and when used correctly, it has longer service life.

The hips are elastic, without the inserted equipment they create almost no volume. On each side there are pouches (depending on the size), which are universally applicable whether for rifle magazines, radio, bandage, or any other equipment of elongated shape.

Integrated pouches also save you money.

The elasticity of the hips pushes the inserted equipment towards the body, which lowers the profile, shifts the weight close to the center of gravity and the equipment closes firmly, which helps to ensure comfortable movement.

The package includes bungee cords for optional/additional securing of the mags when carried in side pouches

Size chart

M 90 - 110 cm
L 105 - 125 cm

Manufacturer: Templars Gear, Poland

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