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Chest Seal Beacon Combo Pack 1 Vented / 1 Non-Vented

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Chest Seal Beacon 6" Round Combo Pack 1 Vented / 1 Non-Vented

Beacon chest seal is a patch for the treatment the chest injuries in crisis situations in Combo Pack - 1 Vented / 1 Non-Vented Chest Seal.

The Chest seal is intended for the treatment of open chest injuries - Pneumothorax.

The adhesive hydrogel is often strong to adhere to skin that is contaminated with blood, then, hair, sand or water.


  • Sterile / Latex free
  • Suitable for the treatment of entry and exit wounds in the thorax
  • 4 notches for house opening
  • Large 6 inch round shape for optimal coverage area
  • Effective at extreme temperatures and cold
  • Large release flap for easy use and removal
  • Transparent pad for easy placement on the wound
  • Lightweight, puncture-resistant packaging
  • It easily adapts and adheres to all surface bodies
  • The function and integrity of the chest is maintained when folded or rolled
  • Combo pack - 1x Vented Chest Seal, 1x Non-Vented Chest Seal

Dimensions: 10x15 cm (Folded)
Diameter: 15.2 cm (Unpacked)

Manufacturer: Beacon, USA

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