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Soft-Zellin Sterile tampon with disinfection

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Soft-Zellin Sterile tampon with disinfection - 20 pcs

Soft Zellin - tampon with alcohol for thorough skin disinfection.

Hygienic guidelines require thorough disinfection of the skin before injection, for which sterile tampons are used. Soft-Zellin is an easy-to-apply sterile swab saturated with alcohol that facilitates compliance with these guidelines in daily medical practice.


  • Soft-Zellin is made of non-woven fabric with a suitably modified surface and a reinforced tissue - insert that holds the disinfectant solution well
  • The tampon is saturated with 0.5 ml isopropylene alcohol (70% V/V) with proven effectiveness
  • Soft-Zellin is packaged one piece at a time and remains sterile until use
  • Package of 20 pcs


  • Thanks to the suitably prepared surface and reinforced layer, the tampon holds the disinfectant alcohol solution well
  • Soft-Zellin is sealed in a package of one piece

Manufacturer: Hartmann

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