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BTG Automotive Med Kit

Automotive Med kit Pouch filled with medical material.


  • SOF Tourniquet
  • T3 Bandage
  • Olaes Blast Bandage
  • WoundStop Care 1+ Bandage
  • Compressed gauze Z-Fold
  • 2x Control Wrap 4
  • Chest Seal Beacon
  • Chest Decompression Needle
  • NPA FR28 + lubricant gel
  • 2x NORSE RESCUE Foil Emergency blanket
  • Trauma shears
  • Permanent Marker
  • Chemlight
  • 4x Nitril gloves
  • 10x Alcohol tampon

Automotive Med Kit Pouch Dimensions: 21 x 24 x 8 cm / 8.3 x 9.4 x 3.1 in

The price is for pouch with the medical material.

SOF Tourniquet

The newest evolution of the SOF Tourniquet the benchmark for prehospital tourniquets. The SOF Tourniquet easily slides over an arm or leg. It unclips at the buckle to fit around hard-to-reach areas, such as a trapped limb. Rear more here: SOF Tourniquet

T3 Bandage

The T3 Bandage is a israeli bandage that provides a compact, multifunctional solution to treat a wide range of injuries. In addition to treating conventional, abdominal, amputations, and entrance/exit wounds, the bandage facilitates the cleaning, packing, covering, and compressing of single and multiple wounds.

This all-in-one bandage reduces the amount of equipment military personnel carry and is suitable for first aid combat emergency kits. The bandage is easily applied by untrained personnel and makes an ideal personal field dressing for every soldier.

Pad size: 10cm x 18cm
Gauze size: 10cm x 75cm
Elasticized Leader (expanded): 10cm x 370cm

Compressed gauze Z-Fold

Cotton gauze for bleed control. Z-folded to allow for fast, easy, and clean extraction from the protective packaging while packing into a wound.

Packed gauze dimensions: 5,3 cm x 7,7 cm x 1,3 cm
Gauze dimensions: 12 cm x 3.75 m

Olaes Blast Bandage

The BLAST Bandage by Tactical Medical Solutions is a combat would bandage designed to provide the ability to quickly package traumatic amputations, burns and large pattern wounds with minimal use of supplies and minimal effort. This emergency trauma bandage provides a 20" x 20" treatment area, but packs to about the size of a 4" combat bandage.

WoundStop Care 1+ Bandage

The WoundStop Care 1 bandage provides immediate treatment to control blood loss. WoundStop bandages are compact, lightweight, vacuum sealed and suitable for first aid emergency kits. Each package contains a sterile dressing pad, an elastic cloth wrapping leader and an easy to use closure bar.

Control Wrap 4

Tactical Medical Solutions designed the Control Wrap 4 to make life a little easier when under stress. Provide grip surfaces during the wrapping process and assist in maintaining the desired pressure and position of the bandage.

Width: 10 cm
Length: 183 cm

Chest Seal Beacon

The Chest Seal Beacon Non-Vented is intended for the treatment of open chest injuries - Pneumothorax. The adhesive hydrogel is often strong to adhere to skin that is contaminated with blood, hair, sand or water. Large 6 inch round shape for optimal coverage area.

Chest Decompression Needle

Set of needle and catheter intended for treatment of tension (closed) pneumothorax in crisis situations. The decompression needle is inserted into the area of the second intercostal space. Strong and reliable needle/catheter: 14 gauge x 8.25 cm.


A nasopharyngeal airway (NPA) is a thin, clear, flexible tube that is inserted into a patient's nostril. The purpose of the NPA is to bypass upper airway obstruction at the level of the nose, nasopharynx or base of the tongue.

2x Emergency blanket

Norse Rescue Foil Emergency Blanket provides compact emergency protection in all weather conditions. It retains/reflect 90% of the body heat and assists in body heat retention in emergency situations.

Trauma shears

Medical scissors Trauma Shears with a blunt end designed for quick removal of clothing from the patient. Made of Stainless steel. Size: 7.25" / 19 cm.


Chemical light is a light stick suitable for marking objects. The light is activated by bending/breaking and shaking. The light of the chemical light is invisible to the naked eye - it is suitable for marking objects or people on the battlefield, for marking the route, etc.

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