BTG Tourniquet Pouch

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Neptune Spear

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BTG Tourniquet Pouch

BTG TQ Pouch allows you to place the tourniquet directly on the plate carrier, belt, backpack or belt, thus speeding up the time of use compared to storage the tourniquet inside IFAK.

BTG TQ Pouch comes with two pieces of velcro, which you can use for placing the pouch horizontally or vertically also on a classic belt, which simplifies its daily carrying (Every Day Carry).

  • Low profile and strong elastic material prevents the risk of loss
  • Pulling the tourniquet out possible to both sides by either hand
  • Usable for SOFTT-W and CAT tourniquets

NOTE: Price is only for the pouch, Tourniquet visible at photo can be bought separately.

Manufacturer: Neptune Spear, Poland

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