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BTG IFAK Medical Kit + Tourniquet + Pouch

Set of medical equipment IFAK Medical Kit + Tourniquet intended for treatment of trauma injuries in crisis situations, according to TCCC - Tactical Combat Casualty Care protocol.


  • SOF Tourniquet Black
  • Chest Seal Beacon
  • OLAES Modular Bandage 4"
  • Compressed Gauze Z-fold
  • Trauma shears
  • Gloves
  • Warrior Utility Pouch

SOF Tourniquet

The newest evolution of the SOF Tourniquet the benchmark for prehospital tourniquets. The SOF Tourniquet easily slides over an arm or leg. It unclips at the buckle to fit around hard-to-reach areas, such as a trapped limb. Rear more here: SOF Tourniquet

Chest Seal Beacon

The Chest Seal Beacon Non-Vented is intended for the treatment of open chest injuries - Pneumothorax. The adhesive hydrogel is often strong to adhere to skin that is contaminated with blood, hair, sand or water. Large 6 inch round shape for optimal coverage area.

OLAES Modular Bandage 4"

OLAES 4 Bandage is a bandage designed to stop external bleeding in combat conditions. Packed with features such as 3 meters of gauze, a removable occlusive plastic sheet behind the OLAES trauma dressing pad, and a pressure cup that can also act as a rigid eye shield.

Compressed Gauze Z-fold

Cotton gauze for bleed control. Z-folded to allow for fast, easy, and clean extraction from the protective packaging while packing into a wound.

Packed gauze dimensions: 5,3 cm x 7,7 cm x 1,3 cm
Gauze dimensions: 12 cm x 3.75 m

Trauma Shears

Medical scissors Trauma Shears with a blunt end designed for quick removal of clothing from the patient. Made of Stainless steel. Size: 7.25" / 19 cm.

Warrior Small Molle Utility Pouch

This is a great all round small and compact utility pouch. It features 4 internal elastic strips, a second internal Velcro pocket and includes heavy duty zips with silent pull tabs.

Warrior’s Small MOLLE Utility Pouch takes up 3 horizontal rows of Molle on compatible plate carriers, rigs and bags.

Size: 14 x 18 x 7 cm
Capacity: 1.75 l

Manufacturer: Battle Tested Gear

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