BTG Gun Cleaning kit

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BTG Gun Cleaning kit

BTG Gun cleaning kit is a set of gun cleaning tools in mesh bag in two variations - with bore snake for caliber 7.65 (.30) or caliber 5.5 (.22).


  • Penetrating Oil with MOS2 100ml
  • Clean Gun weapon cleaning wipes
  • Bore snake (for gun barrel caliber 7.65 or 5.5)
  • 3x FOSCO brush
  • Pistol Cleaning Kit Kaliber 38/9 mm
  • Mesh bag

Penetrating Oil with MOS2 100ml (aerosol)

MoS2 Penetrator is a modern and extremely effective cleaning product containing molybdenum disulphide. Thanks to its strong cleansing properties it reaches to even the most difficult areas of the firearm. It removes any residue, sediments of brass, tombac and gunpowder that occurs during weapon use. The addition of molybdenum disulphide prolongs firearm life by decreasing friction between its elements. Penetrator protects all metallic surface, thanks to its highly oxidation resistance.

Clean Gun weapon cleaning wipes

Our Clean Gun Wipes are moistened with anti-corrosion lubricant, making them the fastest way to clean your firearm after use.

Bore Snake

Compact tool Bore Snake for cleaning the gun barrel caliber 7.65 (.30) / 5.5 (.22) / 9 (.38). Bore snake consist of:

  • Cleaning rope with patch holder
  • Bronze brush
  • Including cleaning snake make of Cotton

Caliber: 5.5 (.22)

Length cleaning rope: 120 cm
Length cleaning snake: 74 cm
Cleaning snake: 100% Cotton

Caliber: 7.65 (.30)

Length cleaning rope: 111 cm
Length cleaning snake: 75 cm
Cleaning snake: 100% Cotton


A set of three brushes for cleaning firearms from the FOSCO Industries company. Each brush is made of a different material to ensure the best cleaning effect. Three materials of brushes:

  • Brass
  • Non-ferrous metal
  • Nylon

Pistol Cleaning Kit Kaliber 38/9 mm

  • Practical keeping box made of plastic
  • Fits in any pants pocket and is at the same time a handle

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