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Battle Tested Gear

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BTG Stickers

You can choose from 7 types of Battle Tested stickers:

  • BTG round logo (white)
  • BTG round logo (black)
  • BTG round logo (UA)
  • BTG logo (white)
  • BTG logo (black)
  • Štefánik
  • Blackbeard
  • St. Javelin

BTG logo round (UA)

All money from the sale of this sticker will go to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


Stefanik: 10,5 x 17 cm (approx.)
Logo BT: 9 x 5 cm
Logo BT circle: 9 cm
Blackbeard: 11x7 cm
St. Javelin: 10,5 x 7 (approx.)

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