We live in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world with a fast evolving modern threats.
We believe that innovation and adaptability is an essential in overcoming of these challenges and our mission is to help you to innovate and adapt faster.


There is a vast amount of gear available on the market. Even professional users have a problems to keep track of a new developments and it is expensive for an individual to test many variants in order to find a best one.

I draw from my military service, combat deployments and very short feedback loop from a professional users to evaluate a reliability and efficiency of products we provide.

I use what we sell and provide only a material that is reliable and effective. We don’t stock a products just because our manufacturer make it, or that there is customer demand for them. If a product don’t meet our expectations, we don’t sell it, no matther what.


We cannot full-fill our mission with a products that are sold out most of the time, or are too expensive to use.

In majority we work directly with a manufacturers and ordering a larger ammounts of products months in advance. It is very expensive for us too keep a large stock, but ability to provide a reliable access to mission critical equipment is very important to us.

By focusing only on mission essential gear and making a large orders we are also able to get a better prices from a manufacturers and therefore make them more affordable for you.


Motivated, trained and equipped citizens are essentials to overcome adversity.

We believe that  by making high quality tactical and survival gear more available and widely  distributed, we are helping to create a more resilient society.