Is it possible to try on the goods ?
No. As an online store, we do not have a stone shop or space for trying on the clothes etc.

Can you order me the goods that are not available on web site?
No. The goods are ordered in large amounts, usually half a year in advance.

Can I exchange goods?
→ It is not a problem to change sizes if we have what you need in stock. If you want to do exchange for other goods, better create a new order and send us the unwanted goods back so we will send refund your unwanted goods.


Can I personally pick up my order ?

Can I add items to the placed order ?
→ No - the system is automatic. We do not want to interfere with created orders, as this can cause inventory problems. If you need something else, make another order.

How do I cancel my order ?
→ If you wish to cancel a paid/unpaid order, write to us at and we will cancel the order and refund your money if necessary.

How can I return the goods ?
→ To return, claim or exchange the goods, follow the procedure on the page: Return/Warranty claim.

Is it possible to make a pre-order ?
→ No. You can only make a order for the products we have in stock.


Where can I track my order ?
Our system does not automatically send an e-mail with shipment tracking options. DHL, DPD and Packeta should send you the tracking information after they pick up the orders from us. If not, write us at:

What to do if the online card payment failed but the order is created?
→ If the payment via the payment gateway fails, you can try to repeat the payment - link for repeating the failed payment can be found in your profile in order history.
If the payment by card fails repeatedly, we can change it to Payment by bank transfer.
Information for payment by bank transfer will be sent to you automatically by email. If this does not happen, you will find the information in Shipping and Payment, or write to us at and we will send the necessary information.

If I cancel the order, when will my money be refunded ?
→ If the order is canceled, we will refund the money immediately. It can take up to 3 days for the money to be transferred to the account.


→ If we send goods outside the EU, you don't pay the the Slovak tax (VAT). The price of the ordered products will be reduced by VAT based on the delivery address. If you make an order for a company, we can send you the goods without the VAT, but get in touch with us in advance:


Can you give me advice about choosing equipment?
→ Yes, if you have any questions about gear from our website, write to us at

What if my order is too large?
→ If you plan to order a big order, please write to us at We will choose a suitable carrier according to the dimensions of package.

Is there a possibility of some form of cooperation ?
→ Our philosophy is not to pay for reviews, because they would not be impartial. Well, if you are interested in advertising us or make some photo/video content for us, write us at and we can provide you with goods with a discount.

Do you do any courses ?
→ No, we do not do courses but you can contact our partners: TCA (Tactical Combat Academy).

TACTICAL COMBAT ACADEMY is a private security training company, providing defensive shooting courses, Training in TTP’s (Tactics Training & Procedures designed by TCA) and progressive training to civilian Students.

You can find more information on their websites: TCA - Tactical Combat Academy