About Battle Tested Gear

My name is Marek Slachta. I am a former Combat Diver in military reconnaissance unit. I went to Middle East after my military service and spend more than a year helping and advising Kurdish Peshmerga and SDF units in the fight against the Islamic State.

I have always aimed to achieve the greatest possible tactical advantage. The use of reliable tactical equipment with innovative design significantly contributes to increasing the advantage and overall operator morale.

However, access to such equipment is problematic even for professional Law enforcement and Armed forces service members. Therefore, after returning to Slovakia, I decided to solve this problem.

The Battle Tested Gear Project aims to provide easy access to tactical gear that can be relied upon by professional operators and whose innovative design responds effectively to the complexity of modern threats.


Reliability and Efficiency are the main requirements by which I choose the products I offer and make no compromises.

Inovate or Die The modern battlefield is evolving rapidly. A fighter who loses pace with time loses an important advantage. I'm never happy with the equipment on offer. I am constantly looking for and testing new, better products.

Services, by their level, correspond to the quality of goods. The goal of customer service is simple, fast and trouble-free purchase.

The site is simple and clear. All products are in stock, ready for immediate delivery by courier. Whenever I am ready to help you choose the right gear.

Above standard support does not stop with a purchase. It is also easy to exchange or return goods. The quality of the goods minimizes waranty claims, but in case of product defect, the waranty claim is always handled fairly.


Product first
Quality and reliability without compromises
I test and use what I sell
Access to the most modern equipment
I select only the best products on the market

Trouble-Free shopping
All ptoducts are in stock
Express worldwide shipping
Easy Refund / Replacement and Fair waranty claims

100% customer satisfaction rate at heureka.sk

Marek Šľachta
0911 030 680