MCDU Combat Shirt

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MCDU Combat Shirt NyCo Ripstop

The MCDU Combat Shirt is a part of the combat uniform for dynamic operations. It perfectly complements the Modern Battle Dress Uniform (MBDU).

Its torso is made of light and breathable TopCool fabric, while the sleeves and standing collar are sewn from durable NYCO fabric. Zippered pockets on the sleeves will easily fit small items like folded map or GPS navigation.

The MCDU tactical shirt has wo velcro panels on the shoulders allows quick and efficient personalization with various patches, including country flags. This lightweight shirt works great on hot days, accompanying plate carriers, chest rigs or vests.


  • Sleeves made of NYCO fabric
  • Torso made of TopCool fabric
  • Two zippered bicep pockets
  • Loop panels for personalization

Manufacturer: Helikon, Poland

* The ISG jacket is photographed in size M on a person 187 cm tall with a chest circumference of 102 cm.

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