Safeguard Armor Balistic Plate Level III Stand Alone

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Balistic Plate Level III Stand Alone

This product is sold onor personal protetion and can be send only to : Slovak republic / Czech republic/ Austria / Hungary / Poland

The Alphacore NIJ plate provides unparalleled protection against the most severe threats. Using a unique hybrid ceramic and polyethylene system, this rigid armour insert has demonstrated incredible ballistic capabilities, as well as excellent multi-hit resistance.

It is ergonomically shaped for improved functionality and comfort and, thanks to our advanced materials technology, ultra-lightweight.

This hard armour insert guarantees maximum safety and efficiency when you need it most.

Level III which offers protection against the following rounds:

  • 7.62mm Ball, M80 , 149gr
  • 7.62 x 39mm, 123gr
  • 7.62mm NATO

Manufacturer: Safeguard Armor, United Kingdom