Bayonet Cobra Thirdline D-ring Belt Coyote


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Cobra Thirdline D-ring Belt Coyote

High quality THIRDLINE belt manufactured by the Polish company Bayonet. For the construction of this convenient tactical belt were used the highest quality and proven materials: 

ANSI D-RING COBRA - made in high strength specification, break 18kN (over 1800kg) and 36 kN in the belt loop provided the appropriate tape. It has a thicker release mechanism, thicker pins retaining ears. It is not compatible with other clamps and panels Compact and Multi Compact. Produced only as a fixed-adjustable. The buckle is made of 7075 aluminum (body), stainless steel (pins, terminal bar) and brass (ears). The mechanism of the buckle can not be opened under load.

  • The buckle is integrated with safety ear.  Certified with ANSI 359 and CSA 259. D-Ring is flexible but rotate with resistance. No needed tape for catching.
  • Strength certified double, medium-rigid polyamide military Pa6 tape from PASAMON company.
  • Polyamide tapes, as compared to the other types have the greatest durability, aesthetics, and one of the greatest strength.
  • They are resistant to weather conditions, the color is stable and the tape in the anormal conditions does not fray and unravel. Tape thickness is 2.2 mm, strength 20 kN (2000 kg). 
  • Ariadna S.A. TITAN threads with a strength of at least 5.5kg (for comparison normal thread withstands from 0.2kg to 0.5kg). 
  • The belt was sewn on the professional, Japanese JUKI lockstitch machine intended for heavy materials. It allows locking and performing very strong stitching. 

The use of double, medium-rigid tape makes it a perfect product to carry pistol, ammunition and equipment. It has sufficient rigidity even under heavy load. 

Two layers of tape were combined so that the inner side of the belt is smooth, and the tip of the outer layer is completely hidden under the hook&loop panel. Velcro is used to keep the adjustable belt end, which allows it to wear without the use of belt loops. 

Manufacturer: Bayonet, Poland

Size Chart - Bayonet

Hips / Waist85 – 10095 – 110
Lenght of Tape115140