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Tactical jackets and sweatshirts made of quality materials such as SoftShell, Polartec Powerstretch, Fleece, Teijin Deltapeak TL from Tilak Military Gear and Helikon-Tex.

Polartec Powerstretch is an elastic fleece with high thermoregulation ability. It is used in the Femund sweatshirt, the Serak t-shirt or Spike jacket from Tilak Military Gear. It offers long life and low weight. The proportion of polyamide in the material guarantees much higher mechanical resistance than classic Fleece jackets. Polartec Power Stretch is very breathable and does not absorb body moisture. It works perfectly as an insulating layer under the membrane material, but it can also be used as a warm layer for everyday wear.

Soft Shell material used in Noshaq jacket from Tilak protects against wind, light rain, has high breathability, resistance to abrasion and long life.

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Tilak Military Gear

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